I love pizza. I enjoy eating pizza, and I enjoy making pizza. I’ve been watching Claire at Bon Appetit make gourmet versions of all my favorite snacks, so when I saw they were making a series about making the perfect pizza, I knew I was in for a treat!

When I bake my own pizza, making the dough is my favorite part. I always have a good time when I bake bread, and I’m even more excited when I get a chance to show off my pizza-tossing skills in my kitchen.

Claire doesn’t actually toss any dough, but she does visit a couple of pizza shops in New York to learn how they make their crusts.

Brad and Andy did a way better job at making pizza sauce than I do. As blasphemous as this may sound, I actually use WalMart’s pizza sauce on my own pizzas. I’ve tried a lot of store-bought sauces, and I was surprised that this was my favorite–I do add some spices, though!

Should you make your sauce with fresh or canned tomatoes?

I enjoyed watching Carla and Molly travel to Italy to see first hand how real Buffalo Mozzarella cheese is made. They’ve gone way beyond the cheese I use on my pizzas at home!