I am an FPV freestyle pilot, and I am excited about Cinewhoops. They are small freestyle FPV quadcopters with ducts and bumpers around the props to make them a safer to fly near soft targets. When I think of Cinewhoops, I think of Paul Nurkkala (a.k.a. Nurk) and his fantastic flight inside the City Museum in St. Louis. His flight inside the museum is slow and smooth. Fincky’s skateboard chase video definitely turns things up to 11!

I’ve been experimenting with 3” freestyle quads, and I’ve been designing an HD freestyle frame, so I’ve been paying close attention to this type of flying.

The amount of work that goes into a video like this is astounding. You need top notch piloting skills–these freestyle quads don’t fly themselves like a DJI Mavic! I’m sure they put in many practice runs, and they surely recorded hours of footage to create this short video. Not only that, but the time spent post processing the footage using something like ReelSteady had to be huge!

Fincky did a tremendous job flying, recording, and editing!

I’ve been following Winston Moy’s work on YouTube since the day I placed my order for a Shapeoko XXL. His video production quality is amazing, and his videos are extremely informative. For me, it is just a happy coincidence that we are both using the same CNC machine. I would watch his videos no matter what machine he is using!

I hope you’ve been keeping an eye on his aluminum longboard project. He’s pushing the size limits of his Shapeoko XL with a board this size, and seeing that my relatively inexpensive Shapeoko XXL is capable of producing a work of art like this out of aluminum is awesome!

I’m excited about the new DJI Osmo Action. As always, Peter McKinnon has done an excellent job reviewing this new camera and comparing it to the GoPro HERO7 Black.

Even though I don’t have an Osmo Action to review, I was inspired to write about where I thought the Osmo Action would fit in with my own gear. The Osmo Action’s front-facing camera will make it quite usable as a vlogging camera.

Combined with the Osmo Action’s RockSteady image stabilization, I believe the Osmo Action would be a capable replacement for my beloved Osmo Pocket. At around the 6:00 mark, you can see Peter McKinnon’s comparison of DJI’s RockSteady vs. GoPro’s HyperSmooth. RockSteady is quite impressive!