When I was trying to decide what size Shapeoko CNC machine I needed to order, my kitchen cabinets were the deciding factor. My kitchen cabinets are old, basic, and starting to deteriorate. I wanted a CNC machine large enough to cut awesome new doors for my kitchen cabinets.

A few days ago, this video from Rainfall Projects caught my eye. Not only is he using his CNC router to cut new cabinet doors, but I’m pretty sure most of his doors and hinges are identical to the ones in my own kitchen!

I’m an FPV freestyle drone pilot. When people ask me how to get started, I tell them that the best thing to do is buy a radio, plug it into the USB port on your computer, and fly in a simulator. Crashing in the simulator is cheaper and much less time consuming than crashing in real life, and you will crash a lot!

Liftoff is my simulator of choice. It use the same controller rate system as our FPV miniquads, it has fun locations to fly, the price is good, and they support Linux. What more could you want?

They just added a new location called Bando City, and it looks awesome! I’m going to be spending some time flying here!

I am a fan of 3D printing and 3D design. Maker’s Muse has a fantastic video explaining how plastic clips, buckles, and snaps work. His explanations are fantastic, and he gives you some awesome advice for designing your own!