I’m a sucker for cool CNC projects. Wesley Treat is making custom aluminum nameplates to stick on his projects!

I have all the equipment to do this out in the garage, so why am I not doing this sort of thing already?! I was excited to see how he use a lacquer stick to fill in the engraved spots before running over the whole thing with a buffer. The buffer leaves a smooth finish, but it doesn’t remove the lacquer from the engraved areas. Neat!

FPV freestyle drones don’t fly themselves like a DJI Mavic. FPV quads do have gyros and flight control software that maintains attitude and controls the individual motors, but you have to pilot them much like a helicopter.

I consider myself to be a capable FPV freestyle pilot, but Mr. Steele is on an entirely different level. In this video, we get to watch a drift car from the passenger seat. When the car gets up to speed and hits the corner, the passenger puts the drone out the window and releases it. The video gives a sneak peak from the low resolution video feed, but you’ll get to see a nice HD edit near the end of the clip.

This is awesome, because it is one of those things you shouldn’t try at home. The 5” propellers can slice you right open like a razor. They’re only made of plastic, but the tips be moving at 200 MPH or more. The guy in the car has to be careful how he holds and releases the drone, and he has to trust that Mr. Steele won’t accidentally arm the quad too soon.

I would be willing to release Mr. Steele’s quad from the window of my car. I have confidence in his abilities, and this is a fantastic video!

I am not usually a fan of desks with built-in computers. They usually have all the components below your keyboard and above your knees. That’s precious space for my legs that I would never want to give up. I use a Bush Series-A L-Bow desk in my home office. It is huge, and there’s nothing but leg room under there!

That’s why I really like DIY Perks’s spectacular DIY PC desk. The computer is way in the back, so you won’t be banging your knees if you decide to cross your legs. There’s tons of room in the enclosure that he built, and even better, the desktop folds down and out of the way whenever you need to reclaim that space!