Last month, I watched Veritasium explain why there are 96,000,000 black shade balls floating on a reservoir in Los Angeles. If you watched this video, you may have wondered the same thing that I was thinking about.

Can You Swim in Shade Balls? This week, he demonstrates for us!

You probably know that I bought a CNC machine this year, so I’m always watching what other folks are doing with their machines. Winston Moy’s YouTube channel has been a tremendous resource. I’m lucky that he uses the same Shapeoko CNC as I do, but that barely matters. His videos are well made and extremely informative!

Winston’s video about carving a three-dimensional Moai figure combines my interests in CNC and 3D printing. If you asked me to turn a computer model of a Moai statue into a real-world object, I would reach for my 3D printer.

I have been watching Mattias Wandel for nearly a decade. I remember watching and talking about Mattias’s amazing pantorouter and his awesome geared table saw sled with my brother-in-law while we were building my arcade cabinet. Mattias is a smart guy, and his projects are always interesting.

Mattias’s recent video is pretty cool. He ordered the cheapest oscilloscope he could find, and he tests it out for us. He shows us what it can be used for, and he shows us where it falls short.