I’m excited. It isn’t even on sale right now, but Motion Twin just released a fantastic update for Dead Cells, and I just have to talk about it!

If you haven’t played Dead Cells yet, you should. If you’re a fan of Metroid or Castlevania, or you enjoy rogue-likes or rogue-lites, then Dead Cells is almost definitely the game for you.

I have 159 hours invested in the game so far. Each time you win the game, you collect a boss cell, and the next playthrough gets even more difficult, but also more rewarding.

I’ve been stuck at three boss cells for quite a while. I thought for sure that I had reached my skill ceiling. The game has just gotten so difficult at this point, that I can’t even make it half way through the game anymore. That changed with this update.

They’ve nerfed some overpowered weapons. They’ve made other weapons more powerful. They’ve also adjusted the types of enemies that appear in each level on the harder difficulties.

When I fired up Dead Cells last night to try the update, I didn’t expect to get far. I’m a bit rusty after not playing for a month. Instead, I plowed through quickly, and I made it about as far as I’ve ever gotten on 3 boss cells than I ever have. Then I did something stupid, and I died.

That’s OK, though. Dying is what Dead Cells is all about. Now I have hope that I may indeed get to collect my 4th boss cell soon!

I’ve only played Dead Cells on Linux, but it is also available for the Nintendo Switch. It is one of three or four reasons that I wish I owned a Switch!