I’m not sure when I found Jehu Garcia’s YouTube channel. He’s famous for building DIY batteries for powering your house, and he has all sorts of interesting battery builds for other purposes as well. I can only assume that I found his channel while in search of better ways of charging my miniquad batteries on the go.

In this episode, Jehu builds a 2.2 kWh battery pack with integrated charge circuitry for a little over $1,000. That’s enough power to charge my miniquad LiPos over and over again to keep me in the air for more than seven hours!

I don’t know what I would do with this battery, but it is awesome!

Winston Moy somehow manages to keep posting amazing and interesting new content. This week, he decided to replicate the machining of the new Mac Pro’s cheese grater grille. He even tests it on a hunk of cheese!

The pattern is interesting, and it is surprisingly simple. It is a grid of spherical impressions machined into each side of the aluminum, but it has to be done with the correct offset. I imagine this would be a style that would be easy to replicate with a 3D printer.

I wonder if 3dwebe will design a similar piece of ventilation to go along with his amazing MK735 3D-printed NAS case!

The MK735 NAS case is on my mind lately, which is probably what made me click on DIY Perks’s scratch-built PC case guide video.

Brian and I have been talking about machining a carbon fiber NAS case, and at first glance, DIY Perks’s case appears to be made of carbon fiber. It is actually constructed using MDF with a vinyl wrap. He chose vinyl with a carbon fiber print, and he uses an accent piece of a brushed aluminum print. The electroluminescent EL wire is a nice touch, and it really brings the build together!