Steam is currently in the middle of their annual summer sale, and there are a ton of awesome games that are deeply discounted. With so many games on sale, is it worthwhile for me to tell you about them?

Which games are worth bringing to your attention? Maybe the top ten games in my Steam library when I sort by time played? Top 20? I don’t know. At any rate, these are the games that immediately drew my attention!

NOTE: Rogue Legacy and Prison Architect at now also discounted at the Humble Store. We don’t get a kickback if you buy a game on Steam, but Pat gets a small percentage if you buy games at the Humble Store. We want you to get the best deal, but Pat would definitely appreciate some pocket change to put towards his video game collection!

Prison Architect is 75% off ($7.49)

Prison Architect has come a long way since I put my 33 hours into the game a few years ago. It is a city-building game, but instead of building a city, it is your job to build and manage a prison.

It is a fantastic game, and it looks like they’ve made tremendous improvements since I last played. They’ve even added an escape mode, where you play as a prisoner, and you have to escape from your own prison!

Rogue Legacy is 80% off ($2.99)

Rogue Legacy is one of my favorite games, but I absolutely hated it the first time I played it. It is a procedurally-generated rogue-lite game. That means the levels are different every time you play, and you acquire loot and abilities while playing that you can use the next time you play.

You start the game off with a rather clumsy character. That makes the game feel terrible. Then you start unlocking things like double jumping and air dashing, and the game starts to feel so much better. At that point, I was hooked, and I didn’t put it down until I unlocked everything and completed the game. Then I did it again!

Neon Chrome is 65% off ($5.24)

My all-time favorite twin-stick shooter is Dead Nation, but it is only available on the PlayStation 3. I enjoy twin-stick shooters that require planning and careful aim over the spammy bullet-hell variety. Neon Chrome meets my requirement there, and so do several other shooters from 10tons! There are weapon options that are quite spammy, but I prefer the more accurate weapons that deal more damage.

Neon Chrome is a procedurally generated Rogue-lite game. The map is randomized each time you play, and you will be collecting money and upgrades that can be used on future attempts. You won’t get far the first time you play, but the weapons and abilities that you unlock will help you progress further each time.

The entire bundle of twin-stick shooters from 10tons is also 63% off. I’m a fan of both JYDGE and Neon Chrome, and to tell you the truth, I’m not sure which I prefer. Neon Chrome offers four-player local co-op play, and it has a lot more replayability than JYDGE. Even so, JYDGE is well designed, and it is a fantastic game!

I’m looking forward to trying Time Recoil and Tesla vs. Lovecraft, both of which are in the bundle!