I am an FPV drone pilot. All my flying is short range. Sure, the GPS module on my quad tells me that most of my flights cover more than two miles of distance, but I rarely fly even 1,200 feet away from myself.

KababFPV posted a video last week, and I just have to show it off. The video isn’t from any of his quads, though. The video clips were all recorded by his friend, Paul Cristian Mijoiu.

Paul has an interesting quadcopter setup. His build isn’t all that much different than my own quads, except that he’s using a custom six-cell 18650 pack. That battery pack weighs only about 30% more than the LiPo batteries I fly, but has more than double the capacity. He won’t be winning any speed contests, but he’s out for distance.

He’s able to fly for 25 minutes and travel distances of more than 7 kilometers; that’s 4.5 miles or so!

This video is breathtaking. Slow flights over snow-covered mountain. Light shafts breaking through the clouds. Amazing sunsets. Diving down through a rocky crevasse. You should watch. It is amazing!

Another week, another CNC video, eh? This one caught my eye for two reasons. I thought it was interesting that Tim Sway was recycling the faces of hollow-core doors, and this might very well be the first time I’ve seen a Maslow CNC in the hands of an end user!

The Maslow is a machine that I’m thinking about adding to my workshop. The Shapeoko XXL is fantastic, but its size can be limiting. I could build four Maslow CNC machines for less than the cost of my Shapeoko XXL, and the Maslow works on full-size 4x8’ sheets of plywood!

As you might expect, there are plenty of trade-offs. The Maslow is less accurate than my Shapeoko, and it is an awful lot slower. I don’t know about you, but I can accept those deficiencies to gain the ability to work on such large sheets of material!

Not only that, but the Maslow cuts with the material mounted vertically. This means that the Maslow CNC might actually take up less floor space than my Shapeoko XXL!

I spent a lot of time in arcades when I was a kid, so it isn’t a surprise that I’m a huge fan of old-school arcade games and arcade cabinets. I built my own arcade cabinet ten years ago, and that build was what inspired me to start blogging!

This week, I came across this video from RetroManCave on YouTube. He started his miniature Gauntlet arcade cabinet eight years ago. He found the old cabinet in his attic and decided to pick back up with the build where he left off.

I may be biased, because I’m a huge fan of Gauntlet, but I really like this tiny build! I don’t know that his build is quite to scale, but I don’t care. The proportions definitely look close to me!

On the full-size original, that giant control panel has plenty of room for four players. On RetroManCave’s miniature, he’s populated the control panel with a single joystick and six buttons, so you can play just about any single-player arcade game you could think of on this thing!

He’s done a fantastic job, and I would love to have one of these machines in my home office!