I’m not usually excited about these retro gaming consoles. I’ve been emulating classic video games for twenty years. I have all the old classics on my arcade cabinet already. Why would I buy some overpriced box with a limited selection of old games?


Then I saw this deal at Best Buy, and I just had to tell everyone about it. They’re selling the Playstation Classic console for $20. I don’t even know what games ship on this thing, so why am I excited about it?

It comes with a pair of USB controllers. They are pretty good gamepads, and their d-pads are quite reasonable. One of my complaints about most cheap gamepads are the terrible d-pads and mushy buttons. As far as I know, these gamepads feel a lot like the originals.

The best part is, these USB gamepads will work on your computer! If you’ve been itching to do some retro gaming, the Sony Playstation retro console wouldn’t be a bad start for $20.

When you outgrow the games, maybe you’ll want to try out some emulators on your computer. Or maybe you’ll want to try hacking your $20 console.

You’ll be all set, because you’ll already have a pair of gamepads to get yourself started!