If you know me, then you know that I’m an amateur FPV freestyle pilot. You can probably guess that I’m extremely envious of Le Drib of Rotor Riot.

They were invited to bring an FPV freestyle miniquad out to the implosion of a building and some smoke stacks. Le Drib is a fantastic pilot, and he got some awesome footage.

As he said, they only got one shot at this; they weren’t going to put the buildings back up for a second take! Considering that there was only a 6-second delay between the implosion of the building and the implosion of the stacks, I think he did an absolutely phenomenal job!

The real action starts half-way through the video.

Two weeks ago, I posted a video of a build that shows you how to get better sound out of a $3 speaker. YouTube must know that I’m interested in designing my own speaker, because their algorithm pointed me at HexiBase’s 3” subwoofer build.

This build is fun, because it uses a 3D-printed enclosure. The waveguide wraps repeatedly back and forth to fit 1.5 meters of waveguide on his 3D printer’s build plate.

It is an impressive build. He does some interesting audio tests and demonstrations, but I would love to hear how it sounds in person!

Winston Moy is at it again. This time, he’s milling stainless steel on a Carbide 3D Nomad CNC machine. I’m excited about this. The Nomad is the little brother of my giant Shapeoko XXL. The Nomad may be smaller, but it is much more rigid than my Shapeoko.

The Nomad has to take it slow, but it sure seems to do a reasonable job. He’s making me wonder if my Shapeoko would be up to the task, even if only barely so! Maybe I’ll have to find out?