I have to admit that during the first minute or two of this video, I thought I was going to be disappointed. It felt like it was just going to be an ad for Starbucks, and then when he revealed the method they’d be using to pull nitrogen out of the air was going to be an expensive piece of laboratory equipment, I got even more worried.

Using expensive, specialized equipment doesn’t fit my very well with my DIY sensibilities. Then I saw how much work Veritasium and his friend had to do even using their fancy cryocooler, so I’m cutting them some slack!

I am a coffee enthusiast, and I’ve been excited about nitro cold-brew coffee for a long time. My friend Brian has had a nitro cold-brew tap in his DIY keezer for a long time. I’m pretty sure he’s been doing nitro longer than Starbucks has offered it.

I’m always on the lookout for interesting projects that I can replicate or improve on using my Shapeoko CNC machine. This isn’t one of those projects, but I think it looks awesome, so I figured I should show it to you guys!

The only big piece of equipment you need to replicate this cool spiral lamp is a table saw. Make Build Modify also uses a bandsaw to make the discs, but you could definitely use a jigsaw instead–or even a CNC router!

Every time I start clicking through YouTube videos, the algorithm always sends me one or two of Matthias Wandel’s videos. I’m not sure why it keeps pointing me at videos I’ve seen before, but I can’t be too upset about it, because they’re still awesome.

I’m including his two-bucket cyclone dust collector this week, because I really need to remember to build something like this. My tiny 2.5 gallon vacuum fills up quickly when I’m milling wood. I need something like this to separate out most of the dust before it even gets to the vacuum!