This is most definitely the most generic looking mechanical keyboard I’ve come across since I started posted mechanical keyboard deals here, and it is also the cheapest. It has imitation Cherry MX Blue switches, but it doesn’t say what brand. It has some sort of RGB lights, and I have absolutely no idea what they do. I can’t really tell if the keys light up, or if the RGB is just some sort of backlight. At $18.81, who cares, right?

Use coupon code FWPRZRRW to knock about $11 off the price. For me, it came out to $18.81 with 2-day Prime shipping.

Blue switches are the clickety-clackety keys. They’re just like the Cherry MX Green switches in the keyboard on my desk, except they’re a little softer. I’ve written about what I think of these inexpensive mechanical keyboards on my own blog. The short story is that I think they’re an excellent value, and a great way to try out a mechanical keyboard.

UPDATE: This deal has expired.