I don’t know for sure if it was Paul Nurkkala that started the cinewhooping craze, but his video at the City Museum in St. Louis was fantastic, and it definitely got me hooked on these kinds of videos.

What is a cinewhoop? You’re probably familiar with DJI’s photography drones with their fancy cameras attached to robotic gimbals. You might even be familiar with the loud, angry, fast FPV freestyle drones that I fly.

Cinewhooping sort of splits the difference. Nurk built a smaller FPV drone with ducts around the props. This means it fits into tighter spaces, and the ducts mean it isn’t terrifying to have the drone fly past you while flying just a couple of feet away. The videos people are making with these setups are quite cool!

I stumbled on one of Bill Hammack’s videos two weeks ago. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen his video on aluminum cans, but it was the first time I’d seen the video since I started writing these posts once a week.

You watch one YouTube video, and then you’re bound to be shown even more stuff from the same creator, right? I’ve been watching Engineer Guy videos all week. I decided I’d share his video on plastic injection molding with you today.

The concept is simple, and I’ve dreamed of being able to make molds to have my breadboard vise injection molded. It is an expensive process to set up, but once you’re up and running, creating individual parts is extremely inexpensive.

As you’ll see in the video, the implementation of the simple concept can be quite complicated!

Winston Moy posts a lot of fantastic CNC content on YouTube. I’ve been having a good time watching his journey to create a steel knife using his Nomad. The Nomad is a desktop CNC that you might have in your office or garage. It costs more than my Shapeoko XXL, and the cutting area is tiny, but the Nomad is a much more rigid and precise machine.

He’s cheating a bit. He had the knife blanks cut on a water jet, but I wouldn’t say he’s cheating too much there. The blanks are still 1mm oversized, so he still had to trim them down to the correct dimensions with the Nomad.