UPDATE: The deal on the Z-88 keyboard is expired. That’s the keyboard I’m typing this update on. It is back up to $42.99. The Redragon K552 is still prices at $27.99.

I noticed a couple of keyboard deals, and I actually ordered one for myself this time, so I thought I had better post these for everyone to see!

First, lets talk about the one I ordered. It is the E-Element Z-88 RGB mechanical gaming keyboard with Outemu-branded Blue switches. It looks like the regular price is $42.99, but right now it is available for $32.15. In my opinion, it looks like it would be a good value at full price, too.

I’ve been saying I’d order the first tenkeyless keyboard with blue or green switches that I saw in the $20 price range. This one is super compact, and I say $32 is close enough. The Z-88 has free one-day Prime shipping for me, so I should have it in my hands tomorrow.

Blue switches are the clickety-clackety ones, just like the green switches on my Razor Blackwidow Ultimate. Blues are quite a bit softer. Do you think I’ll like them?

The second keyboard is the compact Redragon K552 mechanical gaming keyboard with completely generic blue switches. It is regularly priced at $32.99; about what I paid for my new Z-88. Today, you can get the Redragon K552 for $27.99, and that seems like a fantastic value.

Both keyboards are tenkeyless. When you pay the extra $5 for the Z-88, you’re getting (potentially!) higher quality switches, a slightly more compact layout, and I would say a more attractive keyboard.

What do you think? Do you own one of these keyboards, or a similar keyboard from the same manufacturers? How is it working out for you?!