One of the things I want to start doing here on Butter, What?! is to throw up a small post whenever my favorite products, services, projects, or games have an update. Maybe only major or noteworthy updates; we’ll have to see how I feel about this.

Slammer Update

I’m a little late to the party this time. The Slammer update to Prison Architect landed more than a week ago. Not only am I late delivering this news, but I also just learned today that Introversion Software sold Prison Architect to Paradox Interactive last year!

Prison Architect

I am a fan of Dwarf Fortress, but Dwarf Fortress is a ridiculously complicated game. There are several awesome Dwarf Fortress-like games being made these days. The two notable ones, at least to me, are Prison Architect and Rimworld.

I’ve done a bad job at learning how to play Rimworld, but I’ve had a lot of fun playing Prison Architect.

In Prison Architect, your job is build a prison. You erect walls, build jail cells, construct areas like a cafeteria and a yard, and build offices for your employees to do their jobs. Your job is to grow your income, so you can acquire more inmates, so you can acquire more income.

The Slammer Update

The changelog is rather long. Here are some of the things that jumped out at me:

  • You can now have 2 different intersecting patrol routes.
  • Patrol routes and zones can now be prioritized, to ensure your most important areas are manned first
  • Lots of new items, floors, and doors
  • New Jungle plot and Snowbound plot options added, to start a new prison on.
  • Additional x10 game speed button.

This entry in the changelog feels a bit scummy to me:

  • New Guard Pavillion towers are unlocked for players who sign up for a Paradox account.

Aside from that last one, it sounds like Paradox is doing a great job. In the early days, I remember it being a pain to set up good patrol routes for your guards. Being able to have routes cross paths with each other will be a welcomed addition, for sure!

I’ll definitely be building a fresh prison this weekend!