I enjoy almost every one of Claire’s attempts to create gourmet versions of our favorite foods, snacks, and candies. I am not a fan of Hot Pockets, but I was intrigued by one particular part of her gourmet Hot Pocket. The crust looked amazing.

It has been a while since I made a pizza from scratch; I’m not supposed to be eating much pizza. Claire immediately had me wondering what would happen if I folded butter into my pizza dough like a croissant. I bet it would be delicious. What do you think?!

When Brian and I met Alex Vanover a couple weeks ago, we had the opportunity to see him fly the DRL Racer4 at a local park. Not only did we get to see him race it around at high speed, but we also got to see him do some smooth, flowy freestyle with that big, heavy machine.

He told us that Rotor Riot would be posting a video where some of their pilots got to try doing freestyle with the DRL Racer4, and I’ve been patiently waiting to see that video.

Can a 1kg DRL Racer4 do freestyle? I feel like I’m cheating, because I saw it with my own eyes before watching the video!

This is a cool build from Chris Salomone. I’ve never worked with poured epoxy like this, but I always enjoy seeing the amazing-looking things that can be created with it.

I almost feel like I shouldn’t bother describing the finished product, because you can see exactly what it is in YouTube’s thumbnail. The bread of the sandwich is made from beautifully bent strips of wood, and the meat of the sandwich is the poured epoxy.

It looks like an awesome headphone stand to me!