I don’t know what your thoughts are on guns or gun violence. My own views probably don’t belong here on Butter, What?!, but I think Destin’s video about his friend’s gun detector does belong here, because it is really cool.

He’s trained some sort of machine learning algorithm to identify guns. It doesn’t just identify guns, though. It ignores guns that are sitting on a table or strapped in someone’s holster. It detects guns that are being held in someone’s had.

They have some interesting ideas about how this technology could be used. You should head over to the SmarterEveryDay YouTube channel and check it out.

I am a fan of gummy bears, and I am a fan of Claire’s series of Pastry Chef Attempts to Make videos on Bon Appetit’s YouTube channel. This is a fantastic combination!

There isn’t much in the video that I should be specifically commenting on in here, but I am excited that I now know the recipe to make my own sour coating for Sour Patch Kids! If you want to make your own, you’ll have to check out the video!

I was impressed by this video. I grew up in the eighties, and I remember so many photos having that orange data stamp in the bottom corner. How is it generated? Why is it orange? How did they manage to add a feature like that to a $35 camera in 1995?

These are all questions that I didn’t think to ask when I was a kid, but this video on the Applied Science YouTube channel does a fantastic job of answering them!