I usually rifle through my liked videos on YouTube over the weekend to pick out three fun videos to post on Monday. I usually have the post written on Sunday and queued up to post the next morning. It is Monday right now. I haven’t even picked any videos yet! I’ve had a bit of a cold or something all week, and I feel like it has been putting me behind on everything by at least a day.

Let’s start with Winston Moy’s video about machining stainless steel on a Shapeoko 3. As a proud owner of a Shapeoko XXL, this is extremely exciting to me. Sure, he has to cut slowly and carefully, but that’s OK.

I didn’t buy my Shapeoko to cut stainless steel, but it is nice to know that if I had a project that required custom steel parts, my machine would be able to muddle through the process!

I watch so many freestyle FPV videos on YouTube. A lot of what I watch wouldn’t be much fun for anyone that isn’t already an FPV drone pilot. In this video, we follow Le Drib on a day of FPV flying.

But why on Earth did I decide to post this particular FPV freestyle video today? I’ll tell you why. The end of the giant power loop of the entire build that starts at around 8:20 actually made me say “F*** You!” out loud!

This cube of an office building has a parking garage underneath. He flies under the parking garage, power loops up over the building, and flies back through the underground parking. That’s not even the impressive part.

He didn’t just enter the parking garage on the road you’d take with a car. Nope. There’s some sort covered area you have to drive under to enter the garage, and that covering has a big hole in the middle. Drew entered the parking garage by diving through that hole!

You watch one video on someone’s YouTube channel, and YouTube will make sure you have the opportunity to watch the rest. I watched one of This Old Tony’s videos last week, and I think I’ve been watching his videos every day since. This one is relevant to my interests.

He explains how injection molding works. Even better, he explains how fascinatingly complicated these cheap injection molded water valves are. I don’t want to give too much of the surprise away, but he explains how they get the rubber gaskets into the inside of the finished part. He explains how they manage to get the ball valve inside, and how the ball isn’t quite round, and why that helps!

This Old Tony is a treasure, and you should watch his videos.

How did I do on such short notice? I enjoyed all these videos, and I hope you do too!