I found Alice’s Rapid Strike build video by way of Winston Moy’s YouTube channel. Winston CNCed the beautiful aluminum flywheel cage for this build. You should check that out, too, but it seems like I’m constantly featuring Winston’s videos here. Let’s check out this project from Alice’s angle.

Alice is a maker and a NERF enthusiast. She has created a slew of videos about NERF upgrades–both cosmetic and functional. I don’t know the first thing about NERF guns, but I do know that all of her creations look amazing.

Klaxons! Why on Earth do they sound like that?! If you’ve always wondered, you should tune into this video on the Technology Connections YouTube channel and let Alec explain it to you. Alec’s videos are always delightful.

I thought I already knew how a klaxon worked. I was quite certain that Mr. Wizard showed me how they worked when I was a kid. I was wrong. Mr. Wizard showed me a siren. A klaxon is a totally different contraption.

I’ve posted several of Paul Nurkkala’s cinewhoop videos. They’re always awesome. Nurk is the king of one-take cinestyle videos. Most of us aren’t professional drone racing pilots, and we don’t have nearly as much cinewhooping experience as Nurk. What can the rest of us do with a cinewhoop?!

Last month, Zoroe posted a video talking about his first paid cinewhooping gig. Zoroe is not a professional drone racer. He’s also not a newbie. I think this is exciting, because this video shows what an amateur like myself might be able to accomplish with a cinewhoop.

Zoroe’s video is not a single-take masterpiece like one of Nurk’s videos. It is still quite good. I’m confident that I can pilot a cinewhoop as well as Zoroe, but his video-editing skills are light-years ahead of mine.

Zoroe taught me that you don’t need Nurk’s abilities to create a fantastic little cinewhoop video! It was enough to encourage me to do a bit of cinewhooping of my own!