What is this?! A helmet for ants?! Winston Moy has been playing with graphite. This time, he decided to machine a small storm trooper helmet out of a chunk of the stuff.

Not only that, but he designed and machined an awesome aluminum stand for the helmet to sit on. This looks fantastic, the build process is interesting, and it is a much more professional end result than any of the Stormtroopers I’ve 3D-printed!

This week, I’m promoting my own Cinewhoop footage! Our friend Brian has an Exway X1 Riot Pro electric skateboard in his possession. He’s getting ready to post a review, so last weekend, we went to a local park so he could do some range testing.

I rode my electric bike, and I brought my 4” Kestrel freestyle quad out with me. I set my quad up with a gentle camera angle, strapped a heavy GoPro on top, and I told Brian to circle the pond a few times. I wanted to see if ReelSteady Go is really as amazing as everyone says it is.

We managed to record this video in one take. It has problems, but there’s a good chance you won’t notice them like I do! It took more than half the charge of a battery just to find Brian. I goofed up the timing, so I had to fly home, land, and wait.

I kept my eyes open, and when I saw Brian coming around the corner, I put the goggles back on, took the air, and swooped in behind him. I followed him until I didn’t think I’d have enough battery to make it back to where I was standing. That was just enough to get these 81 seconds of video!

If you were wondering just how good of a job ReelSteady Go can do, this is what the video looked like without ReelSteady’s smoothing and horizon leveling!

I have enjoyed almost every episode of Gourmet Makes with Clair Saffitz on the Bon Appetit YouTube channel. I’m not sure which is my favorite, but this new episode where she attempts to make gourmet pizza rolls is definitely in my top three!

There’s only one reason I’m disappointed. I realized after a few minutes that I never enjoyed Totino’s Pizza Rolls. The product I always enjoyed from Totino’s is their Party Pizza. We used to call them dollar pizzas, because that’s about how much they cost!