Who would have thought that miniquads and flamethrowers would complement each other just as well as peanut butter and jelly?!

Nurk met up with an amazing gentleman who builds custom flamethrowers. He explained that the unit they were using could burn through two gallons of diesel fuel in about six seconds. I’m not a flamethrower expert, but that sure seems like a whole lot of fuel in no time at all!

Paul Nurkkala gets some absolutely amazing shots here. He flies over the flame. He flies around the flame. He flies under the flame. And in almost every single shot, he manages to follow the flame as it is exiting the flamethrower.

This is nothing short of amazing and awesome!

I flew my freestyle quad with a GoPro 6 Black for the first time last weekend, and I wasn’t really prepared. The camera was just strapped to the front of my quad with a Velcro strap, and I didn’t have any sort of rubbery protection for the camera. I didn’t want to smash the camera on its first outing, especially considering that I haven’t even used the camera for its intended purpose yet!

The GoPro 6 is the best camera to pair with ReelSteady Go. I bought the camera primarily for cinewhoop adventures, but you know I just had to try it on my freestyle rig. I flew extremely conservatively, and I only flew one battery, but rubbing the minimum amount of ReelSteady Go on the footage produced the cleanest, smoothest freestyle footage I have ever recorded, so I just had to upload it!

I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Brian did the same thing, but he’s a week behind. He’s flying a GoPro 6 Black now, and he put his first freestyle flights through ReelSteady Go last night. He and I are both excited about the results, so I figured I should include his first ReelSteady freestyle flight in this set of videos!

Brian’s flight edit came out great. He’s flying at our favorite location. It is an abandoned golf course here in town.

We’ve been using a big dose of ReelSteady Go to smooth out our slow cinematic follow footage. We’ve both been curious what a small dose would do to our freestyle footage, and we are both quite pleased with the results.

In a way, it feels like cheating. I’ve been hoping for a long time that I would someday learn to fly this smooth without the aid of post-processing software. Even if I could manage to fly like this without help, it would be nice to know that there is a way to smooth out some of the rough edges in my flying.