It has been a while since I saw video snippets of Nintendo Entertainment System games running on 3dSen PC. I saw a post on Reddit today saying that 3dSen PC and 3dSen VR are now available on Steam, so I figured I should check it out again!

There are plenty of videos to choose from to show you what 3dSen is all about, but I think this interview with the creator is the most interesting. It has plenty of examples of old-school Nintendo games running in 3D, and it has fantastic explanations of how the technology works.

I haven’t even tried 3dSen yet, but I will be giving it a go this weekend. As you may already know, I’m a huge retro gaming fan. I grew up playing Coleco Vision and NES games, and I still enjoy playing them. 3dSen is almost definitely going to be featured on my arcade cabinet, if I ever manage to find time to put a new PC inside the darned thing!