NOTE: In my rush to get this post out before the sale on the Wowstick 1P+ was over, I didn’t notice that the Wowstick TRY is also on sale for $15.59 until June 30. As far as I can tell, the Wowstick TRY is exactly the same as the Wowstick 1P+ that I use. It just doesn’t come with the magnetic case.

I was just working on correcting a problem of mine. I have a Xaiomi Wowstick. I used to use it every time I worked on my FPV quadcopters. The trouble is, I lost the one bit that I need for 90% of those screws. That means my Wowstick wound up in a drawer, and I haven’t touched in ages.

I was just searching Amazon for Torx and hex bits in this form factor, and it looks like I’m going to have to spend $10 or $12 on a set of hex bits just to replace my one missing bit.

For fun, I decided to check Banggood to see what sort of Wowstick models are currently available. I immediately noticed that my own Wowstick 1P+ is currently on sale for $19.99, so I ordered an extra Wowstick. Why order 10 hex bits for $12 when I can get way more spare bits AND an extra Wowstick for $20?

I’m late to this party. The deal ends in less than 8 hours.

I enjoy my Wowstick. Whenever I’m driving four nylon standoffs onto four 25mm screws in my miniquad’s stack, I’m always happier when I can use the Wowstick.

I’ve messed with other electric screwdrivers in the past. The thing that got me excited about the Wowstick is that it pretty much locks in place when not under power. You can hold the button to drive in a screw, then give it an extra half turn by hand to finish torquing it down.

The Wowstick doesn’t have all that much power. You’re not going to be hanging drywall with this thing. If you’re working with lots of M2, M3, or PC case screws, the Wowstick is easily worth $20!

The Wowstick 1P+ sale is over, but the Wowstick TRY is still on sale for $15.59.