I’ve been waiting to see Kuji review the Veteran Sherman. Not because I want to buy or ride one, but because the specs on this thing are absolutely crazy, and I’ve just been wanting to see what this thing can do!

The electric unicycle (EUC) that I ride is a 42-pound Gotway Tesla with a 1900-watt motor and a max cruising speed of 30 mph. This is already heavier than I’d prefer to lug around.

My friend Tanner rides the Gotway MSX Pro, which is probably the current king of the hill that Veteran is attempting to overthrow. Tanner’s Gotway wheel weighs 52 pounds, has a 2500-watt motor, and a max cruising speed of 37 mph.

The Sherman pushes things even further. It weighs a whopping 77 pounds, has a 2500-watt motor, and claims to have a top speed of 45 mph. It weighs so much more than Tanner’s MSX due to the integrated roll cage and extra 1,400 watt-hours of battery capacity. The Veteran Sherman is most definitely a tank!

Bigger isn’t always better, but bigger is what you need if you want to cram in more battery, motor, and acceleration. I’m guessing that the extra battery capacity in the Sherman compared to the MSX Pro helps supply enough amps to get the Sherman up to 45 mph.

I’m not planning on going 30 mph on my Tesla, and I certainly wouldn’t be going 45 mph on a Sherman. Bigger is definitely not better for me, but I’m excited that limits are being pushed.

I expect limits are going to continue to be pushed for quite some time. The Veteran Sherman still manages to be priced under $3,000. I won’t be the least bit surprised if we discover there are plenty of people willing to pay twice as much for even more performance. It’ll be fun to see what Veteran and Gotway wind up releasing next year!