I thought this build was cool. Our friend and Butter, What?! contributor Jeremy Cook is at it again. This time, he built a contraption to attach a Raspberry Pi and a Digilent USB oscilloscope to the back of an old monitor.

Like Jeremy, I also own a tiny oscilloscope. Mine is a Seeed Nano V3, and I believe Jeremy has a similar unit. It seems like a cool little device, but I have no idea how to use it. Having it on my electronics workbench makes me look like I know what I’m doing, though, so I keep it on display there!

My inexpensive little Seeed Nano is tough to read, though, and the controls are tiny and fiddly. Jeremy has done a good job here. He’s built himself a setup that is much easier to read, easier to operate, more versatile, and he’s using a much nicer oscilloscope.

I like Jeremy’s solution, because it is much more than just an oscilloscope. How many times can I say oscilloscope? Oscilloscope!

The Raspberry Pi means he has a real Linux desktop available at his workbench. He can flash Arduinos, monitor serial ports, or pull up documentation on the Internet. That’s a fantastic use of space!