I am an electric unicycle (EUC) enthusiast. I bought [a little InMotion V5F][v5f] in February. I got the hang of it pretty quickly, but then many of my friends all bought personal electric vehicles (PEV) with more range and top speed than my little $400 unicycle, so I had to upgrade.

I upgraded from my 25-pound V5F to a 42-pound Gotway Tesla. The Tesla has more than double the range, double the top speed, and double the power. It has been a fantastic upgrade, but I’m glad I still have my InMotion V5F.

My V5F’s shell is in rough shape. I dropped it a lot while learning to ride, and some of my friends have done the same. Even so, it is nice to have such a light wheel to throw in the back of the car.

In the back of my mind, though, I’m always jealous of the Gotway MTen 3. It weighs a bit less than my InMotion V5F, but the MTen3 has significantly more power, a higher top speed, and roughly 5 miles more range.

I lucked out, though, when I got my InMotion V5F. The InMotion store sometimes has refurbished wheels, and at the time, the V5F was $399 shipped. That’s roughly half the price of either the InMotion V5F or the Gotway MTen3.

I couldn’t pass up that deal, and I’m not sure I would have spent more than $400 on my first wheel. I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to ride. Even so, I kind of wish my first wheel was an MTen 3. It is lighter, faster, and even more portable.

I just realized that I’ve written a lot, and I haven’t even told you to watch Wrong Way! zip around on his new MTen3. You should be doing that!