I was out flying with some friends yesterday. At one point, we were all talking about similar but different YouTube videos, and some of us thought it was possible we were talking about the same video. Each of us thought this for different reasons, though!

First, we had to explain to Brian that SmarterEveryDay’s bat setup was very different than Stuff Made Here’s equally amazing explosive baseball bat.

There’s a lot of cool stuff made here. The explosive baseball bat came to be when he learned of the existence of a tool made for driving nails into concrete using explosives. You line things up, bang on the end with a hammer, and the round goes off. The nail is driven in instantly.

I don’t want to give too much away. You should watch to see what happens.

That led Mike and I to tell Brian about SmarterEveryDay’s spinning baseball bat contraption. Instead of using explosives, Destin used a motorized rig that spins a couple of baseball bats at ridiculous speeds. All he had to do was get a pitch delivered into this whirling monstrosity!

This may seem unrelated. Mike told us about Michael Reeves’s contraption that attempts to use computer vision to shoot Monster Energy drink directly into his mouth. This video is awesome not just because of how successful Michael was, but for how unsuccessful he was as well!

We spent at least five minutes trying to figure out if Michael Reeves and Stuff Made Here might be the same channel. The odds were reasonably high, but Mike pulled up this video on his phone to clear things up.