I love my Sony ZV-1. It fits in my pocket. Its autofocus is lightning fast and extremely accurate. Its HDMI output is fantastic for live streaming. It has a reasonable built-in microphone. Did I mention that it fits in my pocket?

I have to say that Potato Jet had me tempted here. I would be quite pleased if my Sony ZV-1 had a slightly wider field of view, and at only $50, the wide-angle lens from Ulanzi sure does sound like a reasonable upgrade! It was even more tempting when he mentioned that you can use the rear half of the lens as a macro lens. What?!

When you’re walking around and vlogging, a wider lens comes in handy. Even if you aren’t interested in getting more of the background into the scene, the wider lens will at least let you hold the camera just a little closer to your face. Not having to stretch your arm out as far as it will go is significantly more comfortable and less tiresome.

Why didn’t I immediately head over to Amazon to order a lens? I don’t want my Sony ZV-1 to be any thicker than it already is. The only time I would want a wider lens is when I’m out and about, but when I’m out and about I am carrying my ZV-1 in my front pocket.

Sure, the Sony ZV-1 might still fit in my pocket with the stick-on lens adapter, but it will never fit with the wide-angle lens screwed on. In my opinion, if the ZV-1 is going to be 50% thicker, then I should have just bought a Sony a6500 with an appropriate len!

What do you think? Does you need a Ulanzi wide-angle lens for your ZV-1? Would you still be able to carry the camera around if it were thicker? Let me know in the comments, or stop by [the Butter, What?! Discord server][bwd] to chat with me about it!