I saw this bundle show up in my inbox this morning, and I was intrigued. I enjoy the idea of a bundle of games from a particular region. Then I looked at the games, and I saw Knight Squad in the list, and my interest was piqued. This bundle looks like a good value. It has some games that look like fun, and it has one game that I’ve had a ton of fun playing, so I think you should check it out.

Let’s go over the highlights.

The $1 tier

In the $1 tier, I immediately noticed Leap of Fate. I am a fan of twin-stick shooters, and this looks like a fun and interesting one. I’m definitely going to have to try it out!

The reports on protondb aren’t encouraging, so I’m not terribly confident that I’ll get to play this one on Linux.

Beat the Average tier

If you enjoy couch multiplayer games, you can’t miss Knight Squad. I used to host a weekly videogame night at TheLab.ms makerspace, and we used to play 8-player games of Knight Squad with a whole mess of wireless Xbox controllers.

It isn’t a game that requires a ton of skill. Anyone can pick it up, but with a little practice, you’ll definitely have an advantage over newcomers. I’m not sure how exciting this game will be with fewer than four players.

I’m a fan of fast paced platformers, so Light Fall definitely looks like a lot of fun to me. There are no reports on protondb, so I have no idea if I’ll be able to try it out.

The $10 tier

In the big tier, I think Castle Story looks neat. I am almost positive that I saw the developers post early videos of this game to Reddit when the game was still in its infancy, and I thought it looked pretty cool then. It looks even better now.

I just enjoy watching these little blobby folks building castles from the ground up, but it sure looks like the game is deeper than that. Castle Story has native Linux support, so I look forward to giving this one a try!