To tell you the truth, we are not exactly sure what we’re doing, but we are quite excited about it! Brian Moses and I are going to be recording the first episode of the Butter, What?! podcast tomorrow night! That’s April 20, 2021 at 9:00 p.m. Central.

We’ve talked about doing something like this for years, but we never did anything about it. Heck, we’ve been talking about doing exactly what we’re about to do for more than a month, but we’ve been putting it off. Once we do the first one, we’re going to feel obligated to do the second one. Before you know it, we’ll have to do a third episode, and it’ll just keep going!

I’ve been co-hosting The Create/Invent Podcast for nearly six months. We’ve done five interviews since then, and I chose three of those guests. I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job picking guests, but I feel like I need more practice doing the on-the-air stuff. Having another podcast would help with that.

I’m also realizing that there are quite a few people I’d enjoy interviewing, but many of them don’t fit The Create/Invent Podcast’s tagline of “Where art and engineering collide.” Brian and I haven’t gotten as far as thinking about interviewing anyone, but once we get our bearings, I’m certain that we will be inviting on some guests.

Is this really going to be a podcast?!

Yes. Maybe. I’m not quite sure what we’re going to end up with.

The plan so far is to plug in our cameras and log into once a month. We’re going to chat on camera for an hour or two and live stream the whole thing.

We have a rough outline for the we’ll talk about on the first live stream. Our hope is that we can stay on topic long enough for each bullet point that we can slice the live stream up into five- to ten-minute chunks for YouTube.

We don’t plan to interact with the audience during each segment of the live stream. At least not constantly. We only expect to interact with the audience’s text chat on the breaks between segments, though we might check in with the chat shortly before wrapping up each topic.

YouTube likes bite-sized content. Will we be able to string some of these segments into a complete episode to publish as a normal audio podcast? I sure do hope so, but my confidence level isn’t all that high!

What are Pat and Brian going to be talking about on the show?

The show will be very much like our blogs. We’ll be talking about the things we’re working on and the things we’re interested in.

We have something written down that isn’t entirely unlike an outline. We have headings for 3D printing, CNC stuff, Raspberry Pi stuff, Arduinos and ESP8266 boards, Tailscale, and other network- and server-related nonsense. The outline goes into more detail, but that’s the high-level overview of what’s going to be on the first episode. I bet these will be major topics we hit regularly.

These are all topics we’ve written about on our own blogs and here at Butter, What?!. I expect we’ll hit details that wouldn’t make it into the write-ups, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we focus on different aspects of these topics since we’ll be talking back and forth.

Every so often, I write about news announcements here on Butter, What?!. I skip writing about a lot of news, product releases, and even just small but cool projects I see. I don’t always have enough opinion or experience to add on top of a press release, and there isn’t always enough interesting to say about a neat project I see on or YouTube beyond what’s already been said at the source.

I think the podcast format will be informal and conversational enough to touch on topics that I wouldn’t feel the need to write about. We’ll see how that goes!

When can we watch the Butter, What?! podcast?!

We will be doing the live stream tomorrow. That’s Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at 9:00 p.m. Central time. I would like to include a link to the YouTube live stream event, but I’ve done a bad job. I never managed to associate a phone number with the Butter, What?! YouTube channel, and it is telling me I have to wait 24 hours to create my first live stream.

We won’t be surprised if no one shows up. We didn’t give you much notice! In fact, we might be relieved. This is our first attempt, and we really don’t expect to do a good job. That might be a good enough reason to tune in!