I had a conundrum. I recently purchased a new laptop. It was a good value, but it is just barely old enough that it does not use USB-C PD for charging. I wanted to pick up a spare charger to keep in my laptop bag, but I certainly didn’t want to buy a charger that I could only use with my laptop. I wound up snagging a $6 USB-C PD to barrel jack adapter and a 3-port USB-C PD 65-watt charger.

Volutz USB-C Cables

That is all interesting by itself, but I also realized that I don’t have many cables with USB-C on both ends. I wanted a nice long cable for my laptop bag, and one of our friends recommended a nifty 10’ charging cable with a built-in power meter!

This is a really cool cable, but it only solves one of my problems. It would put a nice charging cable in my laptop bag, but it I still wouldn’t own many USB-C to USB-C cables.

I bought a variety pack of 5 cables from Volutz

Who is Volutz? I have very little idea, except that when I tested a bunch of long micro USB charging cables with a meter, the Volutz cables tested well, were well made, and they were relatively inexpensive. The variety pack of USB-C cables came with one 10’ cable, one 6’ cable, two 3’ cables, and one 1’ cable.

I don’t have a USB-C power meter, so I won’t be testing these cables. The tests weren’t all that exciting last time, except that I did learn than Anker and Volutz cables could charge my devices 40% faster.

Voltage drop over distance tends to be fairly linear. If you’re losing 0.5 volts over 10’, your 5-volt charger will deliver 4.5 volts, while your 20-volt USB PD charger will wind up delivering 19.5 volts. You can probably see why the quality of your charging cable isn’t as big a deal at 20 volts.

All Volutz cables are well made

I’ve bought a lot of their cables over the years: two or three packs of USB-A to micro, a pack of USB-A to mini, and at least one pack of USB-A to USB-C.

They all have nice looking connectors on each end. The length of the cables have nice braided sheaths. The molded rubber on the ends is doubleshot, and the ends hold up well over time.

Volutz USB-C Cables

I wasn’t even going to write about these until I noticed the packaging. It seems Volutz is a Swedish company, though their cables are of course made in China. What struck me this time was the packaging. It says the package is 100% organic. I don’t know what that means. It also says it is printed with soy ink. That part sounds nice.

The package also says that the cables have a 2-year warranty.

Why not just buy random cables?

I assume that even the cheapest cables on Amazon are usually just fine, but even mid-price cables are littered with reviews saying that the cables failed quickly.

Sure, there isn’t going to be a significant difference in charge time between a cheap cable and a nice cable at 20 volts, but I sure don’t want to buy a cable with a crummy connector that is going to stop working in a month.

If you can get a rather nice cable for about the same price as a cheap cable, why waste your time with the cheap cable?


I am sure there are other fantastic cables that are the same price or even cheaper than the Volutz cables. I’m not sponsored. I am using affiliate links, so that means I make 25 cents no matter which brand you choose. I have not gone out and bought every cable I can find to do rigorous testing. I can only tell you my experience with the cables I have purchased for myself over the years.

I have been buying Volutz cables since 2016, and I don’t think I’ve worn any out so far. I have broken one cable, but it most definitely didn’t wear out. Someone was clumsy, and the micro-USB end got bent almost 90 degrees while plugged into a device. Oops!