I’m only just realizing that two out of today’s three videos are already pretty old. I’m OK with that, because at least one of those old videos are new to me!

Pneumatic Addict made an awesome looking DIY folding mobile workbench. As soon as I figured out what she was building, I added it to the long list of things I need to build for my workshop!

The whole table folds up quite small. I’m excited that it won’t stick out far from the wall when stored, and it looks like a super sturdy build. Not only that, but the build is well within my meager woodworking capabilities.

I watch almost every video from Peter McKinnon. I am a photography enthusiast. I have to use photography for my blogs. I’m also trying to do a better job when it comes to producing my YouTube video content.

Peter always has good tips, and this video where he shows us how he helps step up his father’s YouTube game is fantastic. They make some small changes to the set, like moving a duct out of the way of his father’s head, and they make some simple lighting improvements.

Sure, Peter used some expensive, professional lights, but you don’t have to spend that much money. We already featured a video on the DIY Perks channel about how to make your own studio lighting a few months ago.

I absolutely love Matthias Wandel’s YouTube channel. I found his content when I was working on my arcade cabinet back in 2009. My brother-in-law and I were absolutely fascinated by this screw advance box joint jig.

In this video, Matthias makes a beautiful picture frame almost entirely using only his table saw. He cuts miters, coves, and curves. It is impressive work.

If you need to make a picture frame, and your only tool is a table saw, this is how you would do it!