I enjoy Jehu Garcia’s videos. I fly FPV freestyle quadcopters, and that hobby requires me to find good ways to make electricity portable. Jehu is often building one kind of battery pack or another, and I’m often jealous of some of his portable battery builds.

This time, he’s showing off his peakshaving battery and AC power-delivery setup. He’s charging the batteries at night while electricity rates from the power company are at their lowest, and he’s discharging the batteries during the day to power his air conditioning.

I am fascinated by solar power, battery backups, and finding ways to lower my electricity bill. I don’t know how I’d feel about running a DIY setup like this, but it sounds like you can build this battery pack for around $1,000. How would you feel about using something like this at your home?

I enjoy watching Claire from Bon Appetit attempt to create gourmet versions of all my favorite foods. Her successful attempt at recreating Pop-Tarts is definitely one of my favorites.

She had expensive, amazing-looking strawberries shipped in from Harry’s Berries in California. I don’t know how much these cost, but she claims each Pop-Tart costs about $35!

If you enjoy this video, you should check out the series where the Bon Appetit crew attempt to make the perfect pizza. The parts on the crust and the cheese were my favorite episodes in the series.

I enjoy 3D-printed mechanisms like hinges, snaps, latches, and locks. This week, Makers Muse showed me a lock mechanism that I’ve never seen before: a rack lock. Not only did he show off the mechanism, he recreated it in Fusion 360 and 3D-printed a few of them!