What?! Good Eats is back?! I’m excited about this!

I don’t enjoy reality TV and cooking contest shows, but I do enjoy Alton Brown, and I always enjoyed Good Eats. It was always a lot less pretentious than other cooking shows, and usually a lot of fun!

Alton Brown would always tell me about the things I absolutely need to get right when I’m cooking, but he would also tell me which things I could just not worry about. The history lessons sprinkled throughout every episode of Good Eats are much appreciated, too.

I’m not sure why Mr Steele decided to post a 2019 compilation video in the middle of the year, but here it is! Mr Steele is an amazing FPV drone pilot. I often have trouble wrapping my head around the tricks he manages to pull off.

His 2019 compilation is quite impressive and has a little bit of everything. Plenty of awesome locations, drift car chases, stunt bike chases, epic building dives, paramotor chasing, river rafting, and a bunch of other stuff.

I’d like to tell you about the part of the video I found most impressive, but I just can’t. There’s just too much amazing stuff in this five-minute video!

You probably already know that I click on any YouTube video that looks like a CNC project. This side table made from a single sheet of plywood was screaming CNC router at me, but Brothers Make did all the work by hand!

I enjoy all the curved shapes on their table, and it looks like an extremely solid and heavy-duty build. It is the sort of project that you could manage to do at home with just a jigsaw and sander, and I think that is awesome!