I’m always posting Winston Moy’s videos, but I realized today that I’ve been linking to more of his work on Carbide 3D’s channel lately than I have been to his own work on his own channel. I feel like I should make up for that!

This week, Winston made a little catchall tray out of walnut to match his aluminum and walnut monitor stand. He used scrap pieces from that monitor stand project, so the tray is a perfect match to the stand.

I like this project. It is relatively simple. It uses leftovers from a previous project, and you know I’m a fan of making use of waste material! Even better, it solves a real problem.

I’d love to tell you that Matthias Wandel is at it again, but this video is about four years old. Even so, I just couldn’t resist posting it.

In this video, he uses an old drill to add a motorized wheel to the rolling scaffold in his workshop! The build is fun. It wouldn’t be a Matthias Wandel project if he didn’t build all the pulleys and drive mechanisms out of wood.

The test driving is even more fun. I was worried for him at first. He’s about 15 feet in the air steering that scaffold around like a boat, but it seems much more stable than I would have expected. The ratio of the height to width must be more reasonable than my brain thinks it looks!

Last week, I included Paul Nurkkala’s video where he flew a Cinewhoop around the Minnesota State Fair. In my description, I mention Nurk’s awesome video at the City Museum in St. Louis. I have yet to post that video properly, and I decided that this is a travesty that needs to be corrected.

Envelopment is a fantastic video. We get taken on a slow, smooth journey around the City Museum in a way that couldn’t be accomplished by anything other than a Cinewhoop.

The video is great, and so is the audio. The music is perfect. There are relevant sound bites played as we fly things like a Superman-like character hanging from the ceiling, or we circle around a Christmas tree. We also get to hear recorded snippets from the founder of the museum. This is simply an amazing piece of work!