I thought we had a good deal in August when I saw a mechanical keyboard with blue mechanical switches for $18.81, but this keyboard is priced even lower!

The FLAGPOWER 104-key mechanical keyboard has imitation Cherry MX Blue switches, N-key rollover, and some sort of RGB LED backlight with various animations and things. If you hit the checkbox to use the 15% off coupon, this keyboard comes in at $16.95. That’s almost $2.00 cheaper than August’s keyboard, and that keyboard didn’t even have RGB LEDs.

Is the cheapest mechanical keyboard really the best deal? Probably not, but I can’t help myself. Cheap keyboards like this are a great way to try out a real mechanical keyboard. I’m typing this on a keyboard with imitation Cherry MX Blue switches. These are the tactile, clicky, noisy key switches.

Do you think we’ll see a mechanical keyboard priced any lower than $16.95?