James Hoffmann has been YouTubing for a long time, but I only discovered him fairly recently. If you’re a coffee fanatic, and you want to up your game, you should definitely check him out on YouTube.

I’m posting ones of his videos from three years ago. Why such an old video? Simple! I’ve been using this hack all week while making my lattes!

A lot of the stronger and potentially more offensive flavors live in the beautiful crema of your espresso. James is suggesting that you should try spooning the crema away, and you might end up with a tastier, more complex shot of espresso. He’s making Americanos, but I’m using this tip on my lattes.

Every day, I pull a double shot of espresso on my Rancilio Silvia, steam some milk, and pour myself a delicious, sugary latte. I haven’t been too happy with the beans I roasted for this week, so I decided to give Mr. Hoffmann’s hack a try.

I’ve been happier with every latte I’ve made using these beans when I spoon away the crema. Will I do this with every batch of beans? Probably not, but I will almost certainly be trying it out at least once with every batch of coffee!